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Success Stories of Outsourcing in Large-Scale Engineering Projects

Updated: Jul 12

Case studies have become an essential marketing tool in modern engineering practice. They can be utilized to target customers and other firms at all levels of the marketing funnel. Case studies if done factually are great tools for producing high-quality leads. A good case study will present a firm as a reliable institution that offers a reputable service. Case studies are not intended to overt sales pitches, but to guide readers towards buying. It aims to give customers concrete examples of what makes your product worthwhile. A worthwhile case study will provide full attention to what engineers value. So it will avoid assumptions, cite verifiable facts, provide evidence, and have logical content. 


So, while we're at it, let's delve into some real-life cases where outsourcing certain engineering projects led to various outcomes. By examining these examples, we can gain valuable insights into the benefits and challenges associated with outsourcing in the engineering industry.

Success Stories of Outsourcing in Large-Scale Engineering Projects


Case No. 1 -  Aerospace OEM Manufacturer, Australia  

The client is a reputed manufacturer of industrial fuel injectors and fuel-related parts for service centers, manufacturers of engines, and distributors across the world. They are prime in the manufacturing of fuel injection systems for all modern aircraft and the production is ongoing.

Client Requirement 

Outsource 3D modeling of fuel tank straps as the demand for their flagship OEM fuel injector increased considerably. After a thorough search, the client decided to outsource to ‘Outsource2india’. This partner has about 25 years of experience in 3-D modeling and is well-qualified to handle the clients' needs.

Project Challenges 

In the outsourced project, the outsourcing partner faced the following challenges – 

  • The modelers had to receive training to completely meet requirements as the aerospace domain knowledge is still new and afresh. 

  • The short time period to generate was another hurdle to cross.

The Solution 

  • Requirement Discovery and File Download - The outsourcing received sketches of the fuel injector along with the pdf files of the same data for their reference. 

  • Resource Planning - The outsourcing partner assessed the project's complexity and assigned the work to a dedicated expert to deliver the project within a week. 

  • 3D Part Modelling with Inventor 2015 - the outsourcing partner used the Inventor 2015 tool to design 3D models of the product. 

  • Model Review and Submission - The 3D model designed by our team was sent to the client for review. A slight modification to the product design was suggested by the client and the model was updated as per the requirement and sent again for approval. 


The Result 

The client was satisfied with the 3D models furnished. In fact, the client went a step ahead to appreciate the dedicated efforts of the outsourcing partner and the ability to incorporate the recommended modification. 



 Case No. 2 -  GenPro Energy Solutions, South Dakota, USA 

This client is known as the region's foremost expert on renewable solar energy as well as on energy efficiency integration. They work mainly in industrial sectors like solar pumping and filtration, solar power solutions, and energy efficiency strategies. The client has been striving towards meeting the advancements and developments in the technological area while building economical and sustainable solutions for its customers for the last two decades. The client has made a name for its integrity focussing primarily on market needs for renewable energy. 


Requirement & Challenges 

  • The client needed an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) analyzer for their progressive and cost-effective top-of-pole solar panel mounting systems.  

  • So the strength of the structure needs to be analyzed by conducting a structural and thermal analysis to know how much it can withstand wind load and temperature fluctuations.  

  • Skilled and experienced engineering services were needed as the work required expertise in the wind load and pressure differences with the changing environmental conditions. The geographical and geological risks should be effectively gauged by the pre-fabricated steel structures.  

  • The challenge was to study various wind load levels to find out the structure's strength and sustainability.


  • The outsourcing partner ‘Outsource2india’ provides excellent FEA services with promptness as well as avoiding unexpected field failures.  

  • Physical test expenses are also significantly reduced and using multiple concepts optimized design is derived.  

  • A team consisting of 3 highly qualified mechanical engineers with experience in structural, thermal, dynamic, fatigue, and vibration analysis, etc., were selected for this project.  

  • An accurate and robust report of the project constructed to help the client meet the highest level of quality requirements. The team used Hypermesh to analyze the associated risk factors. 


The Result 

The team carried out FEA analysis for 10 variants for 6 product families in 30 days. The client was highly pleased with the effort the team offered and has more number of products in line for further FEA analysis.

An FEA analysis for 10 variants for 6 product families was carried out by the team. The client has more number of products in line for FEA analysis. As they were highly pleased and satisfied with the team effort. 




These real-life cases highlight in a bright form the strategic pluses and potential pitfalls that await outsourcing in large-scale engineering projects. With adequate and expert outsourcing firms, companies can easily manage such difficulties and deliver successful results. It is from the success stories experienced that meticulous planning, clarity of communication, and commitment to quality were made to ensure client satisfaction and result in long-term partnerships.

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