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Land Surveying

Drafting Accurate Surveys

PrimaVerse specializes in comprehensive land surveying services that cater to a wide range of sectors including real estate development, public infrastructure, and environmental management. Our projects leverage advanced surveying technologies and methodologies to provide accurate and reliable data, essential for successful planning and execution of construction and development projects.



This detailed survey adheres to the strict standards set by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). It provides comprehensive data on property boundaries, easements, rights-of-way, and other critical property features, which are essential for real estate transactions, development planning, and legal purposes. This type of survey is highly valued for its accuracy and legal standing in property dealings.

Boundary Topographic Survey

The Boundary Topographic survey combines the precision of boundary measurements with the detailed mapping of topographical features. This survey is crucial for architects and engineers, as it provides vital information on the land's contours, elevations, and features that affect building designs and construction decisions. It is typically used for designing new constructions and ensuring projects respect the natural and built environment

Lot Survey

Focused on individual lots within a larger tract, this survey details the boundaries and specific characteristics of a single lot. It is often required for property sales, constructions, and permitting processes, ensuring that all developments comply with local zoning laws and building regulations. The Lot Survey is integral to real estate transactions and site development, providing clear demarcations and legal clarity.

Topographic Location Survey

This survey provides a detailed map of both natural and man-made features of a property, documenting changes in elevation and locating structures, utilities, and other significant features. It is essential for large-scale planning and design projects that require an accurate understanding of the terrain and existing infrastructures. The Topographic Location Survey supports effective planning and development, helping to optimize land use and project implementation strategies.

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