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Civil Engineering Drafting

Engineering the Future

PrimaVerse specializes in providing comprehensive civil engineering and drafting services that cater to a wide range of construction and development projects. Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with the needs of developers, architects, and municipal agencies, ensuring that every project is not only compliant with regulations but also optimized for functionality and sustainability.


Commercial Project

This project focuses on the development of a commercial site, featuring meticulous plans for buildings, parking, and access roads. The drafting details include layout specifications, zoning compliance, and utility placement, ensuring a comprehensive blueprint for effective site utilization. The design is optimized for both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it suitable for retail, office spaces, or mixed-use developments.

Forecemain Extension

The Forcemain Extension project involves the detailed planning and execution of a forcemain system to enhance municipal wastewater management. This project features precise engineering of pipeline routes and connections, integrating topographical data to ensure the efficient flow and management of wastewater. It is critical for expanding infrastructure capabilities, especially in growing urban areas.

Subdivision Project

This Subdivision Project outlines the development of a residential area, detailing numerous housing plots, roads, and communal amenities. The drafting includes detailed lot divisions, road networks, and landscaping elements. This project focuses on creating a well-planned residential community that maximizes space while ensuring a high quality of life for future residents.

Innovating engineering solutions with precision and expertise for global progress.

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